I stopped into Skin2 today to begin the process for having a Dermaceutic Milk Peel. First the Skin2 Technician helped me decide on the right Peel for my skin. My skin is fine and fair with lots of freckles albeit faint. I have been a customer of Skin2 for over a year now and have had three Microderms as well as two IPLs. I saw some great improvements in texture and fine lines, but it has been while since I have had any treatments now and I am quite excited about trying a Peel.

I try to make a case for aggressive action, but given that my skin is fair and my lines are pretty light, the technician recommends a Milk Peel. I leave it up to the experts, they’ve done well for me so far.

So the whole process of my Milk Peel will take place over eight weeks. The Milk Peel is completed in four applications two weeks apart and I need to prepare my skin for two weeks ahead of time with the Dermaceutic products. This is my homework for the next two weeks:

Stop all other skin care product use (makeup is fine)
Wash with the Foamer 15
Apply Serum C25 in the morning and Turnover Cream at night

I get pretty excited about skincare products so I get right on the regimen and like Susan advised me there is a slight tingling sensation when I apply the Foamer and the Serum C25. It’s certainly not uncomfortable by any stretch though and I like the idea that I can feel it working. Killer complexion here I come!

Aside from the Milk Peel I am determined to support this process by dealing with my state of perpetual dehydration. It’s only a hunch this will help the dark circles around my eyes, but either way I can’t lose. I download an app by Thermos called “Get Hydrated”. It reminds when you need to rehydrate according to your activity level, weight and daily schedule. I later found a slightly better app called “Hydrate Yourself“. There is also another app just called “Hydrate” which looks far cooler, however I refuse to spend 99 cents to remind myself to drink water just on principal.

Let’s see if my magic iphone can manage me.