Continued from Peel – Day 14

I’m at the 28 day landmark for my Peel treatment. I’ll be visiting Skin2 again today for another treatment and I’ll also continue to utilize the Dermaceutic products to support the four 20 minute procedures required for the Milk Peel.

I am really enjoying the results so far and I still have one month and two treatments left. My skin is more even in texture and colour and there have been improvements to the fine lines between my eyes and around my nose. Yes, it’s an odd spot, but my “scrunch my nose” lines are virtually gone. They weren’t deep before but I’d need a magnifying glass to find them now. By far the best results are in the texture department; I actually can’t stop touching my face . . . I have to keep myself in check while out in public.

Perhaps one might like to know what it feels like to have a Peel. Well, it’s not exactly as heavenly as a lovely, flowery smelling, aromatherapy facial with massage and hot stones included, but the difference is this makes visual improvements to your skin’s surface. The tingling sensation that comes with this type of Peel in my opinion is along the lines of the sloughing involved with a microderm, or the little snap you feel when having an IPL. You feel the product working and you see the results. It seems intuitive that to get noticeable results fast it’s more likely you will feel something, so I welcome the “tingling” sensation from the Dermaceutic because I know it is working. For that reason I would continue to use skin care products to support the Peels after the eight week Peel process is over.

PS. I’m still on the water kick.