The final results for my peel are in! Its been two months of product use and a series of gentle peels. I am really happy with my skin. It’s softer and smoother and the fine line are just a little finer. I think the biggest thing I noticed is the colour of my skin and my overall complexion. It was dull before and now it’s brighter and the sun damage is diminished. Click on the photos below to view the results close up.

I would definitely continue to get peels and certainly to use the products. It’s the most comprehensive process I have tried and so it’s not a surprise that the results are more noticeable than something like a one-off microderm. Now to just stay out of the sun!

See my other two posts to learn more about the products and the process.

Facial Peel – Day 1
Facial Peel – Day 14
Facial Peel – Day 28