Teosyal® Kiss – Comfortable, long lasting lip enhancement.

Our goal at Skin2 is to make clients look their best and look natural. So when you receive your Kissable Lips lip plumping treatment at Skin2 you will look your best and you will still look like you! Our filler technician trains doctors on lip enhancement techniques and how to make lips look beautiful. She understands that maintaining natural shape, symmetry and subtlety are the art to creating gorgeous, kissable, youthful looking lips.

Lips can be difficult to treat because of their mobility and dense blood vessel network, so they require a specially developed product. Teosyal® Kiss is an exclusive, innovative gel formula used to treat the sensitive area around the lips.

Teosyal® Kiss is highly cross-linked in order to obtain a product which is more resistant to being broken down, guaranteeing optimal lifespan. A top-up treatment, requiring a smaller injection, is recommended after 6 – 9 months although we have seen it last in some clients up to a year.

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