Cosmo Peel Dermaceutic Skin2Cosmo peels are our deepest peel and are TCA peels. They are a quick and comfortable treatment that require no downtime. Each Cosmo peel includes 4 in clinic peels and all the homecare needed to achieve and maintain best results. Each peel is spaced 2 weeks apart and takes approx. 20 mins. The homecare includes a glycolic cleanser (Foamer 15), a vitamin C anti-oxidant serum (Serum C25), a glycolic cream (Turnover Cream), lightening cream (Light Ceutic), and repairing cream with SPF 40(K Ceutic). The homecare must be started 2 weeks prior to in clinic peels to prepare the skin and ensure best results. UV exposure should be avoided during the entire course of treatments and for 1 month after the last treatment. These peels are ideal for people with acne scarring, wrinkles, thin or frail skin, sagging skin, pigmentation or deep sun damage. People who have a “smokers skin” or “leathery skin” from sun damage should look at Cosmo peels.

Dermaceutic describes the Cosmo Peel.

  • Rejuvenation peels create drastic results with low down time.
  • They improve the texture and luminescence of your skin.
  • They stimulate cell renewal, reduce lines and wrinkles.
  • Rejuvenation peels delay skin ageing.
  • Your skin will regain a soft and rejuvenated appearance day after day.

Description of a treatment session.

  • A session generally lasts 15-30 minutes.
  • The skin is cleaned with a pre-peel cleanser.
  • The product is applied all over the area.
  • You will feel a slight tingling sensation on your skin.
  • A heating sensation is normal.
  • Your skin care specialist will apply the Cosmocream.
  • You will return home with the cream on and remove it after 12 hours.
  • A few days after the treatment some light peeling is expected, which is normal.

It is a rejuvenation peel, so you can continue all your routine activities in between the sessions. Simply follow the few precautions your skin care specialist may advise.

Stretch mark treatment.

This requires a specific protocol: ask us for advice. Experience has shown that the Cosmo Peel is efficient on stretch marks under occlusive action.

Preparation and follow-up for a Cosmo peel.

To achieve optimal results your Skin2 skin care specialist will recommend a personalized follow up program for your skin based on your skins specific needs.

Please advise us of any of the following: pregnancy, allergic reactions in the past, current treatments (hair removal, tanning, micro-dermabrasion), medication, etc.