Teeth Whitening has the following benefits:
  • Noticeably whiter teeth
  • Sessions are 30 min or 60 min

What is WhiterSmile Teeth Whitening?

As you age and choose certain lifestyle choices, you can easily compromise the color of your teeth and dental health. This leads your teeth to lack luster and discolor. Choices such as smoking or drinking tea or coffee are sure ways to exacerbate poor appearance of your teeth.

WhiterSmile premier professional teeth whitening system is safe and fast acting. In only a short period of time, WhiterSmile will transform your discolored and dull teeth into a dazzling smile. It works by utilizing patented blue light technology that is coupled with special whitening gel.

You should feel little to no discomfort during the procedure. In addition, the procedure is a gentle and soothing. To eliminate irritation, your gums are also protected throughout the procedure. Using this process, you’ll find there are no potentially harmful UV exposure, no trays, no painful laser, and zero sensitivity.

Traditionally, the most effective teeth whitening treatments are hydrogen peroxide based. Hydrogen peroxide-based teeth whitening products can burn gum tissue, weaken tooth enamel and cause tooth sensitivity.

How it Works

Skin2 uses the Spa Dent Xyliprox™ gel system, based on over 5 years of testing and refinement. The gel is used in over 1,000 dental offices and many times that for home use. We take pride in offering this product, with each ingredient researched to provide the greatest overall cosmetic and health benefit.

Review the presentation below to see our pH level and salivary flow studies, for both in-office whitening and at-home brush on application. All Whitening gels use the same 9 ingredients, the strength varies based on product use. Spa Dent EU compliant gel is 11% CP + 2% HP.

Spa Dent Xyliprox™ gel system is the first Professional Dental Manufacturer to combine Blue and Red light technologies to whiten teeth and heal oral tissue. LED Blue light activation has been used in professional dental curing lights for years and Spa Dent uses a narrower 450 – 470 nm light to accelerate the peroxide in the whitening gel.

Common Issues Treated

Treatments can be applied to various areas of the face, or only specific areas of concern. This includes issues and areas such as:

  • Stained teeth
  • Darkened teeth

What to Expect

Simply: great results. Just one WhiterSmile treatment will give you an improvement of teeth color of between two and ten shades. Depending on your dental make-up, diet, and oral hygiene habits, individual results will vary, but generally, you can expect the results to last for up to one year. If you are a smoker or you like to indulge in staining food or drinks like coffee, tea, red wine or pop, you may wish to touch up your teeth sooner.

Before & After


Is it safe for enamel?
Problems with enamel are associated with acidic and abrasive products. The WhiterSmile Teeth Whitening is PH neutral, has no silica and has Xylitol which neutralizes the bacteria that causes plaque.

Will my teeth be sensitive?
There is virtually no sensitivity with the WhiterSmile Teeth Whitening system. A small percentage of people will have minor gum discomfort and this typically dissipates in less than 10 minutes.

What about Caps, Crowns or Veneers?
All of these stain over time through normal eating and drinking. The WhiterSmile Teeth Whitening system gel will not harm any of these and will remove the stains that have accumulated over time.

How long does it last?
Typical results vary based on a number of factors including genetic traits and lifestyle. While no two people are the same everyone requires an aftercare program to maintain their smile.