The Venus Legacy offers enhanced benefits of the Venus Freeze.
  • Tighten Skin
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Eliminate Cellulite
  • Pain free
  • Fast Results

What is Venus Legacy™?

The Venus Legacy™ is your best option for combating stubborn fat areas and cellulite. It combines VariPulse™ technology with our proven 3D MP2 energy, causing it to travel deeper into the skin resulting in increased blood circulation, immediate plumping, and glowing skin. Results can be seen in as little as one treatment – no pain, discomfort or downtime!

But what really sets Venus Legacy™ apart is the advanced VariPulse™ technology. This is an adjustable pulsed suction feature that gently pulls the skin upward. This allows for the radio frequency energy to travel even deeper into the skin. In addition to triggering even better cellulite reduction and body contouring*, it also stimulates healthy circulation.

How it Works

Using our patented (MP)™ technology, Venus Legacy™ combines Multi-Polar Radiofrequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, which produce uniform heat under the skin’s surface. The radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue, which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. This works to increase collagen and elastin fibers, which results in tighter, smoother skin. This process also works to break down the volume of fat cells in the treatment area, which helps to give the body a slimmer, more contoured shape.

Common Issues Treated

Treatments can be applied to the full face or only specific areas of concern, lifting and contouring the face. This includes issues and areas such as:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Fat Reduction
  • Wrinkles Reduction
  • Stretch Mark Reduction
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Eye Area
  • Jowls

Before & After


Does it hurt?
It’s designed to be pain-free. Did you know that most patients are usually very relaxed both during and after their treatment. You are able to immediately get back to work or do any of your other daily activities – right away. However, you may find some temporary redness in the treated area. This does go away very quickly.

Are the treatments safe?
YES! Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Therapy have been used in medicine for many, many years. These procedures are both proven safe and effective.

Is there any downtime?
NO! Absolutely zero downtime. A treatment in a single area can take less than 30 minutes, and has no adverse side effects.

How do I know if it’s right for me?
Before you undergo your treatments, you’ll speak with our patient consultant. They’ll examine your skin and the areas you’d like to treat. Based on this skin assessment, the patient consultant will let you know which technology is the most suitable for you.

What is (MP)™
(MP)™ is a unique technology that can reverse the effects of aging skin by combing Pulse Magnetic Fields and RF (radio frequency). Pulse Magnetic fields increase FGF-2 production, a Growth Hormone responsible for the creation of minute blood vessels and the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts. Simultaneously RF increases collagen and elastin synthesis by causing controlled thermal damage in the dermis, which stimulates the self repair mechanisms of skin tissue.

How does (MP)™ impact fat reduction?
Lipolysis (MP)™ increase tissue temperature, enhancing hormone activity and breaking down triglycerides located in fat cells int glycero and free fatty acids. The free fatty acids are released into the blood stream resulting in a significant volume reduction in fat cells. THis enhanced biological process leads to measurable circumferential reduction and smoothes cellulite.

Does (MP)™ help with blood circulation and toxin removal?
Yes. (MP)™ improves blood flow in the treated are, enhancing overall skin condition. Improving dermal circulation supplies more vitamins , minerals and Oxygen to the skin cells, simultaneously removing toxins and waste materials.

How does (MP)™ remove skin wrinkles?
Collagen and Elastin Restructuring ( MP)2 modifies the ultrastructure of collagen fibres making them thicker and shorter, increasing skin tightness. At the same time new fibroblasts increase the number of collagen and elastin fibers improving skin tightness and elasticity resulting in wrinkle reduction.